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One thing that I’ve learned is that periodic visits with Dr. Mary keeps everything aligned, and in turn you feel so much better. 

I’ve always felt well and had never been to a chiropractor until I jarred my back while climbing steps. Dr. Mary adjusted my back and advised me that it may take a few treatments for relief.

She was right — after the third visit I was feeling much better and continued visits until I was “back to normal.

She also massaged and adjusted my shoulders and neck for pain that I was experiencing, which I had always attributed to stress from working on a computer for eight hours a day. The shoulder discomfort is now gone, and I feel just wonderful.

Nancy G.

Having tried seven different chiropractors over the past 12 years, this is the ONE.

She is pleasant, professional and efficient. I am sold!


After the first treatment I felt better. After the second I felt amazing!

Not only does she help with back and hip pain but also, knee and forearm issues. I also find her very affordable and convenient to schedule with. After the first appointment she is walk in and amazingly, I have never had to wait more than three minutes to be seen.


If you’re looking for the absolute best chiropractor, look no further.

I’ve been to multiple chiropractors before finding Dr. Mary and have never felt as great as I do after leaving her office. I suffer from awful migraines, tension headaches and muscle cramping/stiffness, and she always makes me feel incredible. I’ve been a patient of hers for 3 years and counting, and I love every visit. Dr. Mary really takes the time to get to know you physically to understand and treat the cause of your body pain, and even gets to know you personally to put a nice ‘human touch’ on the medical world.

🙂 She always remembers previous conversations we’ve had and little things about my life. The passion she has for her work truly shows! I love the walk-ins concept – always in and out on my own time, when I need her – no appointment required! I’ve never waited more than 2 minutes to be seen. Dr. Mary is super efficient, professional and the only chiropractor I’ll ever need.


Love her!

Dr. Mary is so kind. She has helped adjust my alignment and relieve many sources of pain including arthritis in spine.


No hassle, no wait and no pain! Problem fixed!

I moved to B’more and I was really in need for a professional that I could continue my therapeutic sections, many searches later I found Dr. Steiner’s office conveniently close by.
I am (and so is my back) glad to find such great doctor!


The best chiropractor I have ever been to.

She has saved me from years of pain.


As a dentist I hold the doctors I go to, to a very high standard.

Dr. Steiner is the sort of Doctor that inspires you to be better at your craft and that you want to emulate. She remembers everyone (even after only two visits), she is super friendly, she is great at her job and in general a pleasure to go visit. She elevates me to try and raise my medical skills and give the level of patient care that she provides to her patients. Thank you Dr. Steiner.


Excellent chiropractor and I’ve been to them all …

… the horror story, the basic one, the really good one, the super fast one… Dr. Mary is superb. I was a new patient seeking a chiropractor in the city as we just moved here from NYC. I walked away with two completely new adjustments from what I’m used to, and they were both welcomed by my body. I’m looking forward to being a regular here. Btw it’s a walk in system so no appointments.


Dr. Mary is the absolute best at what she does!

She’s professional, friendly, and inviting. I get horrible tension and sinus headaches, and Dr. Mary has been a tremendous help in making my pain subside. I love her walk-in policy… no appointments necessary, and I’m in and out in 10 minutes. Somehow when I walk in, she remembers me and always asks how things are going in my life. Thank you for all you do, Dr Mary, you’re truly one of a kind!